Mental Health Services

Both mental and academic progression matters

Group Therapy

Groups are delivered by a licensed mental health clinician and focus on skill-building and psychoeducation. These groups are tailored to meet individual student needs that are identified through on-going assessments, and are offered once-a-week to identified participants. Groups are curated by developmental age, area of need, and stage in the program.

Individual and Family Therapy

Students who wish to receive individual or family therapy may meet routinely with the school therapist or a therapist intern. The school therapist is available for crisis management and support as needed throughout the day. For students who are already receiving outpatient services, we welcome being a part of the student’s treatment team.

Recreational Therapy

In Recreational Therapy we use a variety of games and activities to practice the skills needed for successful recreational and leisure participation. Students at NWSOIL are assessed by a certified recreational therapist for any barriers or areas difficultly within their leisure participation. Students are then placed in groups or individual sessions based on the defined need. Re-assessments occur at the end of each quarter to track progress and changing areas of need. All therapist, teachers, and support staff at NWSOIL work collaboratively to ensure the needs of our students are being addressed and provide consistency throughout the day.

Behavior Interventions

NWSOIL staff attempts to keep all students participating in activities within their classroom throughout the school day. However, staff intervene when students are unable to follow their classroom rules and expectations. There is a broad range of interventions: prompts to stop inappropriate behavior, directions to take a 2 minute time-out in the hallway, directions to go to the Strategies Room, placement in the Quiet Room.* Staff will use the least restrictive intervention while maintaining safety and an appropriate learning environment. More information about behavioral interventions can be located on your students individual behavior intervention plan (BIP) or the emergency response protocol (ERP) in your students IEP.  Students  who go to the Strategies Room will process the incident with the behavior intervention specialist before they may return to the classroom. The student will also develop a plan for handling similar incidents in the future.

*All staff receive training in Handle With Care, a Behavior Management System.
** Please contact specific location to see what services are available at that location.