NWSOIL’s Behavior Development Program


You have online access to real-time tracking of your student’s behavior

    • Check at any point to see how your student’s doing
    • This serves as our daily communication to keep informed
    • We will directly contact you with any major incidents or updates
    • Comments are meant to give a story of the day: good, bad, and in-between


Points are earned based on our three core values: Safe, Respectful, and Responsible.

Full Day Expectations

Level 1: 0 pts – 32 pts
Level 2: 33 pts – 43 pts
Level 3: 44 pts – 48 pts
Level 4: 49 pts – 55+ pts

Half Day Expectations

Level 1: 0 pts – 20 pts
Level 2: 21 pts – 27 pts
Level 3: 28 pts – 30 pts
Level 4: 31 pts – 35+ pts

Logging In

  • Go to https://parents.kickboardforschools.com and create an account
  • Use access code #### to set up your account’s password
  • Your username will be USERNAME
  • If you forget your password, contact us and we’ll send you a new code
  • A mobile app for parents is scheduled to be released in Fall 2018

No Internet Access

  • We value your involvement and can make alternative plans
  • Please contact us if you do not have easy access to a device with internet